Dropbox last week added commenting ability to its Web interface to bring it up to speed with Google Drive, and now the Dropbox iOS app received an update that delivers file commenting to your iPhone and iPad.

When viewing a Dropbox file with the iOS app, tap the speech-bubble button to add a comment to the file. You can mention a person in the comment by using the @ symbol. You can choose a person from your list of contacts or use an email address after the @ symbol for those not already in your contacts. People you mention will receive an email alerting them to your comment, and they’ll also receive a notification on their iPhone or iPad if they are using the iOS app.


You can unsubscribe from a file’s comments and the resulting alerts by tapping the bell icon in the upper-left corner of the comment screen.

The other big addition to the iOS update is the Recents tab, which shows the files you recently added or viewed. Dropbox also stated that the ability to create Microsoft Office documents — Word, Excel and PowerPoint files — from the iOS app will be added in the next few weeks.