It may sound unbelievable at first, but it is solid data that more than 1.5 million engineering aspirants sat for JEE Mains entrance examination in the year gone by, thereby making it one of the largest entrance examinations in the world. Joint entrance examinations (JEE) conducted by CBSE is the most prestigious competitive engineering exams in India taken by students seeking admission in venerated Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) engineering colleges.  In addition to JEE, there are several other national, state and private level competitive engineering tests whose successful clearance can help you fulfil your dream and aspirations of becoming an engineer.

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All these competitive engineering entrance examinations tests a candidate’s aptitude, knowledge, attitude and skills that will help him/her successfully complete her course and become a good engineering professional.

Hundreds of thousands engineering students sit for these exams as well hoping to secure a seat in an engineering institute which can help them develop both personally and professionally.   The huge number of students who are interested in pursuing this highly popular professional under graduate course attests to the popularity and the prestige associated with this course.  The popularity of this course is likely to move northwards in coming years as the desire for technological innovation and excellence will fuel the demand for qualified and skilled engineers in the marketplace.

Engineering is a highly popular course but the sheer number of engineering colleges and the stream engineering offers sometimes tend to confuse students. You are most likely to have come across engineering aspirants with a lot of queries and questions written markedly over their face.  Questions like: Which are thebestprivate engineering colleges in Delhi NCRor for that matter anywhere else in India? Which are the best streams offered by these particular institutes?Which engineering major should I opt for?  What engineering institute will help me meet my career goals and objectives? Which institute will help me get the best placements, etc. .?,are the ones that trouble students the most.

The choice of engineering major should be dictated by your career goals and preferences. Under no circumstances should you let market buzz dictate your choice of streams. Just because you keep hearing about high demand for IT professionals in the marketplace, it does not mean you should opt for software engineering despite your lack of interest in it.  Even if you ask your mentors or engineering experts about different engineering streams and career prospects in it, you will most probably be told that all engineering streams are good and pursuing any engineering major from a good engineering school can propel your career in the right direction. In the end it should be your interest, preferences, aptitude and skills which should dictate your choice of engineering major.

Another factor to consider if you are interested in studying in top B. Tech colleges in Gurgaon or for that matter top quality colleges anywhere else is the reputation of the institute. You can take the help of internet or your peers, teachers or friends to find out more about an institute and the quality of its teaching and placement. All the information about different engineering schools can be easily found on the net.