Wardrobes have been in use for centuries and have changed in structure and style from culture to culture. From elegant French armoires to box-shaped contemporary designs of today, they have transformed to suit our ever-changing needs. From free standing wardrobes to dressers and built-in wardrobes, these storage units are wide and varied. Here we explore the benefits of a free-standing wardrobe.


  • Depth: Built-in wardrobes can make your bedroom interiors look smaller as they block off the view of a wall and part of the ceiling but with a free-standing wardrobe, gaps are left all around it and this adds depth to a room.


  • Add storage: With a free-standing wardrobe you can easily add or remove storage depending on your needs. If you need to store extra clothes or put away winter blankets, all you need to do is store them on top of your wardrobe. Thanks to newer designs and customisable options, you can have spaces for these products built-in.


  • Easier to change layouts: If you love to re-arrange your furniture every few months to give your space a new look, a free standing wardrobe is easier to move.


  • Style: With free-standing wardrobes you can choose from antique styles to many modern variations. You can easily opt for a wardrobe built in a simple style with clean lines and a neat finish or go for one with ornate woodwork that will add a certain class to your space.


  • Customisable: Free standing wardrobes can be customised to include mirrors and additional embellishments. A mirror is greatly beneficial to adding depth and creating the illusion of space in smaller bedrooms. Besides this, you can also have spaces to store specific clothes, (dresses, gowns, blazers and so on) or even books and curios!


  • Transport-friendly: A free-standing wardrobe can be transported from one home to another if you are relocating. This way, a piece of furniture that you are familiar with or have even become accustomed to using and suit your needs perfectly need not be left behind if you are to leave your current home.


  • Cost Factor: Free-standing wardrobes are available in a variety of materials and designs. Thanks to this factor, you have available a range of prices to suit your budget. From expensive solid wood wardrobes to MDF, you can take your pick based on your needs and your tastes.


With these multiple options available to you, your choices in bedroom furniture are no longer restricted. While sifting through bedroom wardrobe designs, keep in mind your needs and choose accordingly. Go with your tastes, budget and long-term plans before you make this investment. Lastly, take ensure that the online wardrobes you choose goes with the overall design and theme of your space.