Every house owner must get their main drain of sewer lines cleaned after certain period of time, so that your pipeline is not clogged. With such maintenance, you can prevent sewer backups and blockages and get rid of tree roots that may have come on your pipeline and also keep an eye on your state of sewer pipeline.

In order to clean sewage line two popular methods are employed:

  1. Hydro jetting method
  2. Snaking method

Most of the plumbing companies can offer their services for both these methods. However, as a house owner, you must be aware of pros and cons of both of these methods, so that you can choose the right method for cleaning the drain of your house.

Hydro Jetting Method

You can go for hydro jetting method by forcing a stream of water into the sewer line at a pressure – 3000 and 8000 PSI. By forcing stream of water in your pipe line you can clear out any kind of clog, debris, grease and hair or even tree roots that may have accumulated in your sewer line.

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  • Advantages of Hydro jetting method
  1. This method is very effective for cleaning out your clogged sewer lines. Most of the plumbing companies utilize this method in order to maintain sewer lines. You can remove even tree roots with the help of strong jet of water.
  2. This is very versatile method as there is enough pressure given with the help of water, which can clear not only any domestic sewer lines, but also commercial sewer line as well.
  • Disadvantages of Hydro jetting method
  1. Though this method of cleaning the pipeline is very effective, sometimes due to very high and forceful pressure of water the pipe could be damaged, especially if it is old and fragile.
  2. You cannot do it yourself and therefore need to spend good amount of money for paying the service charges of the plumbing companies.

Snaking method

Snaking can be performed with the help of an auger. Auger is a kind of long steel cable with one end having cork screw like coil. By inserting an auger inside the sewer line, you can pierce the obstructions that are present within pipeline and thus it clears the path.

  • Advantages of snaking method
  1. This method is employed by most of the plumbers for very long time and it is a proven method for cleaning sewer line clogs.
  2. This method is much gentle as compared to hydro jetting method and therefore your pipe will not get damaged even if it is old pipe.
  • Disadvantages of snaking method
  1. It is a temporary kind of fixing your pipeline problem as it has plenty of limitation.
  2. Not suitable for commercial sewer lines

Which method to employ?

In case, of any small problem, you can prefer to go for snaking method as you can clean your pipeline all by yourself.

However, if your sewer line is completely blocked then snaking may not prove to be effective. In such case, you must employ hydro jetting method.