Three Ways You Can Transform an Unfinished Basement

An unfinished basement can have such a creepy look that you do whatever it takes to avoid going into that room. Between the concrete walls, bare floors and cobwebs in the corners, it might look more like a horror movie set than a room you can actually use. If you’re like most, you probably use the space to store out of season clothing and holiday decorations or as a place to do your laundry. Working with a contractor lets you transform an unfinished basement and make it a usable space.


Media Room

Do you sometimes wish that your kids would go to their friends’ houses because you can’t handle the noise of them running around and playing? Turning your basement into a media room is a great option for you. A contractor can help you cover the walls, put down new flooring and install new electrical lines too that let you power a television, Blu-Ray player and video game consoles. You can even soundproof the walls, which eliminates the noise you hear coming from the basement. Consider making your basement a media room where you can relax and your kids can play.

Spare Bedroom

If you have family and friends who love to visit, a guest room is a must have. Depending on the amount of space and size of your family though, you might find your guests sleeping on your couch or your kids sacrificing their beds for those guests. Turning your unfinished basement into a spare bedroom is a good alternative. You can even hire a contractor to create a bathroom downstairs to make your guests feel even more comfortable. Setting up an exercise space or a home office in the room lets you use the basement in between visits.

Basement Suite

Another way you can transform an unfinished basement and make use of that wasted space is with a basement suite. A basement suite is essentially a small apartment that you can rent to others to make some extra income every month. Contractors can help you build a separate entrance to block off access to your home, add a new bathroom and even create a kitchen or kitchenette in the basement. Make sure you check with your local building codes before you start work to ensure you meet the basic requirements. Find a contractor today who can help you turn your unfinished basement into a rental suite, media room or spare bedroom.