If you operate a business, you obviously will want the right insurance in order to protect against losses and liabilities. While you hope you will never have the need to file a claim, you want the protection nevertheless. The right insurance coverage is likely part of your business continuity plan.

When you are choosing your insurance company, you should check into what resources are available to help you on an ongoing basis, not just if some unfortunate event makes a claim necessary. Companies like Captive Insurance Group can help you to prevent losses from happening in the first place. They can also provide expertise in a number of areas that can help to make your operation more profitable. Many of these services are included in the premium you are paying for the coverage. The end result is that, by choosing the right company, you will be getting free help.

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One of the things you can get with the right company is help from a safety expert. This will likely be a dedicated individual who is assigned to your account. That way, you will have a person that can visit your site periodically and become familiar with our operation. He or she will then be able to customize the help they give you. It will not be just generic advice that may or may not apply to you in a beneficial way.

One way these experts can help is in the area of OSHA compliance. You can have compliance audits done by someone outside your organization. This provides a tremendous advantage over doing the audits yourself. When you are auditing things you see every day, it is too easy to overlook something that may be obvious to an unfamiliar set of eyes. This is why it is advantageous to use the resources of your insurance company. With your representative’s help, you can find and correct any compliance issues before a regulatory inspector finds them.

Utilizing the safety expertise of your representative will not only save you dollars in fines, it will help to keep your people safe also. Safety is one of those areas in which the more people you can have checking for hazards, the better off you are.

Safety is but one area in which your insurance company may be able to offer help that will make your operation more efficient. You might inquire about other available services as well.