Sometimes your Smartphone’s internal memory is not just enough to fulfil all your storage requirements. So there is a need of external memory SD card where users stores their files like music, videos, documents, images and many more. The problem with this kind of external memory is that there is always a chance of losing files from it due to various reasons like virus attack and others. So it is quite a headache for the Android users if they have lost, deleted or formatted any important files and wants it back. Restoring lost files from memory card in Android phone is a common problem that all the Android users are facing nowadays.


Whenever you are in a situation that you have accidentally somehow lost some important data from your phone then stop loading your memory space with other files immediately. Actually whenever a file is deleted or lost it is not washed away totally from the memory card. It remains there unless we fill that space up with other files in the memory space. So the files can be recovered using specific application through your computer. We can kindly recommend you the best recovery software MobiKin Doctor for Android. It is one of the most versatile and easy to use application one can find in the web.

This application performs a thorough scan of your SD card and is capable of restoring every type of files like images, music, videos and many more. The recovered data can be saved in your computer in their original format without any loos of the data. The software is compatible with all the major Android phone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, LG and many more. We can bet that MobiKIn Doctor for Android is one of the best software when it comes to recover files from android micro SD card.

How to Retrieve Files from Android SD Card

  • At first download and install the application MobiKin Doctor for Android on your personal computer. You find the application easily on the web.
  • Connect your android device to your personal computer through a USB cable and not by any wireless means.
  • You will see the application detect your device. Now you can choose the files which you need to restore.
  • Then click the recover button on the top. Now sit back and watch MobiKin do all the job or you.